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imaru aktiv^^

Vorübergehend werde ich diesen LJ verwenden das andere habe ich für 30 Tage gelösch
es hat seine Gründe^^

aja gestern sah ich diesen Film er ist echt schon^^
Der Film heißt

Das Haus am See ist ein Familiendramer ^^
echt sehenswert^^





01 March 2008 @ 04:44 pm
pics from me self and FRÜHLINGSFEST with friends^^  
 photoshooting before i go to meet my friends^^
aja this rosa T-shirt is a present from nice cool Japan women i meet she in August in Japan^^


<--  seltsam with sun glasses is not good ne^^;;;;

OK 18.30 o'clock i want meet Chrisi and Robert so i drive to Chrisi's home we wait of Valerie and Silvia^^

Chrisi and me                                          Robert and Chrisi in Chisi's kittchen^^

before we go make i and Chrisi the Buttocks test because we want know my better or chris
ok he touched my Buttocks(my Arsch) then i touched Chrisis Buttocks ^^
i win my is better hehe i know^^
Robert laught^^

then we go outside at 19.00 o'clock so Valerie and Silvia come aaaaaa so happy i can meet Silvia again i meet she sooooooo long not more ^^
Valerie is nice girl this my first meet with Valerie^^
OK Chrisi drive together with my Car and Valerie and Silvia drive with Robert^^
We drive to Göggingen because FRÜHLINGS FEST^^

Chrisi Valerie Silvia and Robert^^

oooooha many people was here toll^^
it was so funny hehe 
then 3 friends from Robert and Chrisi come too i don't know it was funny together^^
then my friends make this pic 
special pic ne^////////^


then Chrisi mean after this kiss with Robert come to me please ok i go and mean ja what he mean come please more to me ok then he give me kiss oha i mean when u want kiss then say me he ask me i want kiss from u please ok chrisi u get kiss from me hehe^^

Chrisi and Valerie

then i see him OMG so sweet man aaa i mean to Robert look this man so wow t
always when i see him i must look to him OMG i want talk but i don't know what aaaaaaa(^___^;)
later i see him again 
then again Robert look here soooo sweet really ^////////////////////^
he was really so beautiful and so sweet^^
then later i go with Silvia and Robert outside because  Robert and Silvia want smoke then i was suprise i see my old school friend 
i go to she because she and talk with she first she don't know me i mean i am Angela she was happy so toll she mean so happy Angela i meet u ^^
Name is Hace we talk a little bit and we so happy we always hug talk hug talk hug usw^^
then i get new handy number from Hace and she get my number^^
then she mean i call u soon ok ^^
then bye bye Hace^^
then back to my friends 
then i have hunger and buy me Spätzle then Robert eat with me together^^
this was 3 Euro but i must pray 1.50 and Robert too 1.50 Euro so we eat together^^
then we dance my friends drink many Beer^^
we have fun all together^^
then Robert mean i must to toilett Angela come with me  laugh ok then we go together then Robert take my Hand so us look was wie Pärchen now^^
then on the toilett i wait of Robert so i writen SMS to my friend then Robert come back then we go to us friends again^^
later we go outside Robert Silvia and me^^
outside OMG i see this beautiful man again aaaaaaa happy Robert get call 
i mean to Silvia come we must go in this man near because i need pic^^
i make pis hehe^^
then Robert finish call and come to us then he mean i go now to this man and say u like him  waaaaaaaaaaa no stupit come back he go aaaa Silvia too Robert come back then then the man look to us aaaaaaaaaaaa then luck Robert come back the man look to friends OMG baka Robert really

then on 21.30 o'clock bye bye together i don't want go but i must work on next day (from 6.15.-14.30 o'clock)
then i go to my car but i feel Someone follows me but i can nobody see 
then i was in my car so happy and close my door from inside i want drive then OMG a Man jump befor my car he don't want i drive aaaaa little bit fear so i mean go wai  with bad voice then i drive a little bit but many car  come so i can not drive then this man
Suddenly he knocks on my window aaa feat then i drive fast *fear*
ok then 22. o'clock i was home^^
then i tell my father this story .
then 22.30 clock i go bed but i can not sleep because 2 of my friends send me always sms 
ok then soon i sleep^^

AJA from this Band i have my NAME^^

Himitsu Kessha Codomo A- Sarabo Sekai PV


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